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Hi! I'm Martine!


I could just recite all of my accolades and accomplishments as a photographer here, but I don't really feel like that would be getting to know me at all! So I want to tell you the real reason behind who I am and what my photography means to me.

Photography, in a sense, saved my life. I became a single mom as a teenager, and in my early twenties, I was alone, depressed and living on welfare with no support and nowhere to turn. I remember waiting in the cold 40 below Saskatchewan temperatures outside at the food bank with two toddlers and a baby in tow, scraping through my couch just to find enough money to buy a jug of milk. I hit a point where I could either make the decision to do something differently, or keep struggling on the path that I was on. I purchased a G.E.D book from a used store and got my G.E.D. I then decided that I was going to purchase a digital camera since I had always had a passion for taking photos of my pets as a child and teen. I started off taking photos of my own children and my family and gained exposure from there. I remember charging only $15 for my first photo session on Kijiji and used those images to book more sessions and before you know it, I had booked 36 weddings for the following year. One of the proudest days and most scary days of my life was getting a call from my social worker who told me that I was doing fantastic and that she was going to take me off of welfare. She was so proud of me! In her 15 years as a social worker, only three people had successfully managed to do this.

So to me, photography is not only my passion and the way I connect with people, but it is my life line. As a woman, I have struggled with personal strife and physical/mental insecurities my whole life, and if I can just make one person feel better about themselves, or look at themselves and for one brief moment see the beauty that I see in them, I consider that a win. I love my job, and I am always thrilled to share the gift of photography with anyone I meet.


As a person, I absolutely love spending time with my family & friends, travel, road trips, camping, adventures, cooking overly gluttonous food, drawing pointless things, and writing half-finished books! I also enjoy spending time with my Standard Poodle dog Robert who I also show and groom, and our four kitties Dave, James, Joseph and Cookie!


I hope to meet you one day, and bring a little joy and beauty into your life through my photos!

xo - Martine




Martine Sansoucy - Saskatoon Wedding Photographer

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